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Upreachr Affiliate Marketing Academy

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Get In Today at 80% discount.

Normal Price $4,997. One-Time Price Today $197.
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Upreachr Affiliate Marketing Academy
  • Quickly Replicate My Results With Tested-And-Proven Methods. Dump The Trial-N-Error Methods That Will Take Years Of Hard Work.
  • You could quickly begin to Earn A consistently commissions From Affiliate Marketing With My A To Z Unconventional Training.
  • Unrestricted Access To My Underground Lead Generation App (Exclusive Launch Bonus: I Will Personally Help You Build Your First 500 Leads).
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  • Just Pick-N-Use As Incentives From Our In-Built Custom Bonus Library With Over 200 Custom Apps Worth $15k+ (Exclusive Launch Bonus: More Software Added Every Week)

I have been crushing the competition

since 2016 with results like these...

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Spending Years In The Trenches To Make Your First Dollar In Sales And Profits.

Without ANY Prior Knowledge Of Affiliate Marketing Platforms Like JVZoo, Warrior Plus And Clickbank

Investing In Impractical And Completely Unactionable Affiliate Marketing Trainings Out There

Writing Promotional Emails Yourself, Or Worst, Getting Them Written By A Copywriter For An Exorbitant Fee

Needing To First Create A Product To Build An Email List That May Or May Not Be Responsive

Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Paid Ads To Get Traffic And Leads That May Or May Not Convert

Investing In Getting Access To Bonuses Needed For Building A List Quickly

Get In Today at 80% discount.

Normal Price $4,997. One-Time Price Today $197.
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Upreachr Affiliate Marketing Academy

In Affiliate Marketing Shortcut,
I’ll Teach YOU How You Can…

Easily Drive massive traffic to your ads and offers

Effortlessly Capture Tons Of Leads Everyday

Quickly Build A Hyper-Responsive List Of Red-Hot Buyers

You could Make Thousands Of Dollars In Cold Cash In Sales Without Even Building A Product To Sell

You could Rake In 3-4 Figures In profits Each Day In Commissions With My Tested and proven strategy

Take A Look At What You Get Inside
The Affiliate Marketing Shortcut

A - Z Unconventional Training

Blow your competitors

Avoid the biggest mistakes that almost all new and even some experienced marketers make… My practical and actionable step-by-step course will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in the affiliate marketing, in any niche.

Cut short your affiliate marketing learning curve, save countless hours and tons of money spent trying methods that simply don’t work in this market. JVZoo, Warrior Plus and Clickbank are not your typical markets. The conventional strategies would simply fall flat here.

My A-Z unconventional training includes methods, steps and hacks I have been using consistently to get results here. Don’t wait for half a decade to hit your financial goals. Get started right now to live a financially independent life you’ve always wanted while earning online.

Unrestricted Access To My Underground Lead Generation App

Get VIP access to My Underground Lead Building Machine that I use to build an email list as and when I want.

With ListGrow YOU can now quickly build YOUR OWN super-responsive email list without breaking the bank to launch a product in-order to own a REAL buyers list.

Generate Lead Funnels in 60 seconds and grows your list with 100% free viral traffic. Save money on spent on Paid ads and build your own email list, engage your audience and increase your affiliate earnings faster than you can ever imagine.

You’ll get instant access to:

  • 100+ DFY List Building Funnels across different niche
  • 100+ DFY Lead magnets (Software, Videos, Ebooks)
  • 100+ DFY Landing Pages
  • 100+DFY Thank You Pages
  • FREE Hosting
  • DFY FREE Traffic Automation From Social Media
  • DFY Facebook Ad Creatives
  • DFY Email Swipes (Solo Ads)

Vip Access To My-In-Built Winning Email Swipes Library

Blow your competitors

Just Pick-Tweak-Use highly engaging and compelling emails in minutes without the stress of writing and editing emails that may not convert for hours and hours. Easily earn huge affiliate sales daily , without breaking a sweat.

Choose from 300+ tested-and-proven to convert email swipes in multiple niches that I have used to crush many launches and top their leader-boards. Just copy and paste to make huge sales.

In-Built Custom Bonus Library

Get instant access to over 200 custom developed software bonuses worth $15k+ that you can use as a competitive incentive to get people to continuously buy through your affiliate link and not your competitors’.

Inside Affiliate Marketing Shortcut, you can package your affiliate promotions as ‘highly irresistible offers’ by adding fresh bonus apps without having to spend thousands of dollars buying overused apps.

You don’t need to pay me a cut or a royalty fee on any sales you make. Keep 100% profits for yourself.

A Special Members Only Live Webinar

Every 2 weeks, I’ll get on a live call with all the Affiliate Marketing Shortcut members. I am a curious learner of marketing strategies. I love snooping around… trying to find new hacks that can be used in our market (in any niche). Once I modify these, put them to practise and get results, I’d share these with YOU on the calls.

In case you can’t make it to the live call – no worries – recordings will be made available to all the members.

Every live webinar will be followed by a Q-&-A session , where YOU are free to ask any question related to the topic that was discussed on that call or any question related to another problem you are facing with your Affiliate Marketing Promos.

How Affiliate Marketing Shortcut Is Unique And Different
Than Anything Else You Have Seen Out There

Blow your competitors

PEACE OF MIND of finally having to stop hopping from one system to another frantically searching for something that would work. And finally owning a profitable business model that can replace your current income.

My A-Z unconventional training will provide you with practical and actionable steps that will help ace affiliate marketing in any niche. It’s an All-In-One System that will work for right from lead generation, to list building… all the way till you make sales and profits. You will NOT need anything else for this system to generate massive profits for you.

TIME FREEDOM skipping years of trial and error by just copying what works. Now you can spend time doing what you really love instead of worrying about finding ways to build a consistent income stream.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Simply just copy what I am doing and start getting my kind of results. With VIP access to My Underground Lead Building Machine, My In-Built Winning Email Swipes Library and over 200 custom developed software bonuses worth $15k+… there’s hardly anything left for you to do.

I have been in the trenches, burnt a BIG hole in my pocket more than the number of times I’d like to confess – but at least, you wouldn’t have to go through all that. Simply copy-paste my strategies and start getting results quickly.

Blow your competitors
Blow your competitors

BEING ABLE TO PROVIDE for your loved ones in ways you never imagined were possible.

With the Affiliate marketing Shortcut – you could go from a complete beginner to a 3-4 figure per day marketer using a proven blueprint. Even if you have been around for a while and have wasted tons of money and countless hours trying out different methods… the done-for-you tools that you’d be getting inside this system would start getting you results quickly.

Get In Today at 80% discount.

Normal Price $4,997. One-Time Price Today $197.
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Upreachr Affiliate Marketing Academy

Affiliate Marketing Shortcut
Special Offer Includes

(For A Limited Period ONLY)

BONUS #1: 100% Done-For-You List Building Set-Up

I Will Help YOU To Completely Setup Everything You Need To Build Your First 500 Leads.

BONUS #2: 3 New Tested & Proven Swipes

3 New Tested & Proven Swipes Will Be Added To The Winning Swipe Library Week.

BONUS #3: 5 New Custom Bonus Software

5 New Custom Bonus Software Will Be Added To Your Custom Bonus Library Weekly.

Save Time And Money

Make Tons Of Money…

Save Time And Money With Affiliate Marketing Shortcut
  • No need to attend expensive online workshops to learn the tricks of the trade (that don’t even work anymore)
  • No need to buy expensive software for Lead Generation and List Building
  • No need to hire expensive designers and coders to create a product for you to sell or giveaway as bonuses wit your offer to your customers
  • No need to hire super-expensive Copywriters for helping you write winning email swipes
  • No need to waste countless hours on Facebook chasing experts… hoping to get some useful tips from them.
  • No need to waste countless hours reading blogs after blogs written by Blogger (not Marketers, mind you!).
  • No need to not spend time with your friends and family or doing stuff that you love, because you need to work hard.
  • No need to delay the vacation you always wanted to take, but didn’t have enough money to be able to afford one.
Make Tons Of Money With Affiliate Marketing Shortcut
  • Instantly start creating a list using the ‘Underground Lead Generation App’ . As a special bonus, I’ll help you set up everything to get your first 500 Leads
  • Promote Affiliate Offers that are listed on JVZoo, Warrior Plus etc.
  • Pick-n-Use any number of custom bonuses to make your offer irresistible for your customers.
  • Copy-Tweak-Paste winning swipes from the library and earn huge commissions.
  • Just work 15 minutes a day to create a steady stream of passive income
  • Attend FREE live webinars to learn new hack

Meet Some Of My Students Who Have Been
Crushing The Leaderboards

With The Same Strategies You Are About To Learn

Recap Of The Affiliate Marketing Shortcut

Special Offer

  • A-Z Unconventional (Yet Highly Effective) Training

    that teaches you practical and actionable steps to succeed as a marketer, irrespective of the niche you are in or the level you are at.
  • A Very Expensive Lead Generation And List Building App

    that helps you create a super-responsive list of REAL buyers as and when you want by creating Lead Funnels in 60 seconds.
  • 200+ Custom Software Worth Over $15k

    that you can giveaway as bonuses with your offers to ensure that people buy ONLY from you.
  • 300+ WINNING Swipes

    that I myself have used over and over again to crush launch leaderboards since 2016.
  • Live Calls Every 2 Weeks

    to learn new strategies and hacks that I use daily to increase my own profits.
  • I Will Help YOU

    completely setup everything you need to build your first 500 leads.
  • 3 New Tested & Proven Swipes

    added to the winning swipe library weekly.
  • 5 New Custom Bonus Software

    added to your custom bonus library weekly.

Become A Super-Affiliate Faster And Get Total Financial Freedom

Don’t Let This Amazing

One-Time Offer Slip Away…

  • A-Z Training valued at $4,997
  • Lead Generation App valued at $1,000
  • 200+ Custom Software valued at $15,000
  • 300+ WINNING Email Swipes valued at $997
  • 5 new customer software added weekly valued at $1,500 per month
  • 3 new email swipes added weekly valued at $1,200 per month
Total Value you are getting today:
Normal Price $4,997
(ONLY the training).
One-Time Price Today $197
(Includes training and everything listed on the page)

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Get In Today at 80% discount.

Normal Price $4,997. One-Time Price Today $197.
Price Rising Soon!
Upreachr Affiliate Marketing Academy

30 Day No Risk No Hassle

Full Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy, it looks bad on me.

So, if you're not happy with our work together or the RESULTS, I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply request for a REFUND I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).

So, here is what I recommend…go ahead and sign up right now, before I raise the price to something more in line with the value of this class. If you decide later (within 30 days) that it isn’t for you…just drop me an email and I will refund every penny to have nothing to lose!

About Me

Victory Akpos

Affiliate Marketing Shortcut is my dream project. I was previously struggling online until I cracked the success code of affiliate marketing in 2016 and went ahead to create my own unique and unconventional strategies that have consistently produced results for me and my students… making them $10-20K+ per month effortlessly and consistently.

I personally now make over $100k+ monthly and have been featured on several affiliate network as a top performing affiliate. After a series of tests on my unconventional strategies that proved successful for many marketers out there, I decided to start teaching people how they can leverage the same unconventional strategies to start earning a living online.

Working hard for mine and your success…

Victory Akpos


Asked Questions

  • I have no clue about affiliate marketing. Will this training help me?

    Yes. In fact, it will benefit you more. You haven’t learnt any impractical methods to generate online income. So, it will be easier for you to simply copy-paste my strategies and start on the right foot from day #1.

  • Can I join later?

    If you join later… this is what all you stand to lose:

    • - Pay $4,997 (the original price) in place of the discounted price today
    • - You don’t get access to the Lead Generation App, 200+ custom software and 300+ email swipes
    • - You can’t attend the Live calls scheduled every 2 weeks
    • - You lose tons of money delaying to join in, that you could have made during this period.

  • What if these strategies don’t work for me?

    These strategies have consistently worked for me and my students since 2016. They have been applied to every niche you can think of. But, just in case, you are still apprehensive – there’s a 30-day full money back guarantee in place.

Get In Today at 80% discount.

Normal Price $4,997. One-Time Price Today $197.
Price Rising Soon!
Upreachr Affiliate Marketing Academy